Joe Biden’s Student Loan Debt Relief has been struck down by the Supreme Court. The USA’s limited Affirmative Action has been ended. Despite the US Government constantly spitting in the face of working people, some of them still had hope that Supreme Court Justices weren’t despicable people. They were wrong, but the issues of the Supreme Court are far more than just a few decisions…

Everyone knows that in the 1800s, the US Supreme Court did a bunch of bullshit. From deciding that Black people shouldn’t be considered American Citizens in Dred Scott v. Sanford to saying that “Separate but equal” is a fair decision–the Supreme Court is not new to terrible decisions. Like most things in the USA, the citizens simply move on and pretend like it’s all in the past.

In 2010, the Supreme Court decided that money equals speech in Citizens United v. FEC. Pro tip: it’s not corruption if it’s legal. A couple of years before, the same court decided that Exxon couldn’t be held fully financially responsible for causing one of the largest environmental disasters in US history. Time does not equal progress but it does equal development. As socially progressive sentiment has grown, so has the grasp of the Capitalist Class’ grip on every aspect of our lives.

What am I saying? Let’s just sulk about how bad the SCOTUS is? Of course not! We need to cut the shit and make something happen. If the “Demons” Alex Jones talks about are real—They are most definitely the people on the SCOTUS. (Yes, even the capitalist Justices that don’t hate gays)

The Art of Passing the Buck

Democrats have fundraised millions in the time since the repeal of Roe V. Wade on the promise of defending reproductive rights while doing nothing. If there’s anything Democrats love to do, it’s collect a paycheck for saying, “The other side is really bad!”

simpsons democratic convention inside we hate ourselves we can't govern

“But the Supreme Court is majority conservative!” Who died and made that happen? Let’s be real, Ruth Bader-Ginsberg was a selfish ghoul–But even she was just a symptom of the illness. The Supreme Court is not a Just body. The Supreme Court is not a fair and unbiased court where legal documents are intelligently interpreted. The only thing Brett Kavanaugh can intelligently interpret is a statute of limitations law.

It’s easy to repeat that the Republicans appointed the judges, it’s easy to blame the right-winger for making right-winger decisions. But that’s not Marxism. We do not exist to justify the incompetence of liberals. The goals and interests of the Democrats are not fundamentally challenged by Republicans or Conservatives. They agree with each other. Democrat Politicians may support abortion–But it won’t make them do anything about it.

“The Art of Passing the Buck” is the one talent the DNC actually has in its arsenal. Whether it’s the Supreme Court or Joe Manchin–It’s always someone else’s fault and the solution is always to vote Blue, again.

Recently many “Progressives” have suggested ‘Court Stripping’ passing bills through Congress that explicitly deny the Supreme Court the ability to review and strike down laws. My issue with this is that Congress would have to actually pass policies that were worth a shit for that to mean anything. The only bills that pass through Congress with ease are Bipartisan Military Spending (something the Supreme Court would never question).

So what’s the fix? The total answer is to abolish the US State itself and begin anew upon the ashes of the old Reactionary system–But assuming you want something more immediate–Either Abolition or Implosion.

You either stack the court with enough “Left-wing” (hilarious to even stretch the term that far) Justices to support popular decisions like Roe V. Wade–or abolish the entire court entirely. It may sound farfetched but is it really?

According to a study, conducted at UPENN: Annenberg, 1/3 surveyed said that they strongly or somewhat agreed that “it might be better to do away with the court altogether” if it “started making a lot of rulings that most Americans disagreed with.” Who knows how bad the country would have to get before normies turn on the Court entirely?

The conservative judges on the court are pieces of shit–But everyone knows this. The only ones who don’t are reactionaries, and they are not human, their opinions don’t matter. The opinions of the masses, however, should not be ignored–and that is what the US Supreme Court has done repeatedly.

What is to be done?

The most obvious solution that has viability within the garbage that is the US Government is to stack the court. The main argument against this is that a subsequent President could simply do the same over and over and eventually, we’d have 50 people on the Supreme Court. These arguments, surprisingly or unsurprisingly, often come from Democrats themselves. Talking their way out of doing what they promise to do every election. What baffles the mind is how deeply the Democratic National Convention lacks self-confidence.

While in Minnesota, the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party has taken to pass tons (and I mean tons) of legitimately positive policies (for working people) with a mere one-seat majority. The DFL has realized that elections are won by keeping promises. Simply do what you said you were going to do–and the voters will re-elect you. This is a strategy national Democrats have never even considered.

Joe Biden can barely make through a day without an embarrassing gaff. He’s dodging even the most insane challenge from someone like RFK Jr. (who should be easy to destroy in a debate) and could most certainly lose in 2024. If only there is something the President of the United States could do to get people to like him. Hmmm…. nah just a bunch of privileged “Champagne Socialists” who refuse to bow down to the DNC. Why can’t lefties just be happy Trump is gone?

I personally theorize that Democrats simply don’t want to pass policies–Period. It seems as though the spotlight is far more enjoyable for the DNC when it’s on Republicans. The cash flow never stops and nothing needs to be done, “because we can’t!”

It certainly is convenient that everything wrong in the USA is just another $10 to Joe Biden’s Campaign away from being fixed. I recall that the first I heard of Nancy Pelosi related to the Dobbs decision that repealed Roe v. Wade, was a mass email asking to donate to Democrats to Protect Abortion Rights–Immediately after it was repealed under Biden.

Harry Truman at his desk with sign that reads the buck stops here

Of course, as always on the internet, I need to explain that I do in fact know how the US government works. Yes, the conservative majority made the decision–But it doesn’t stop there. Biden is President. He can pass Student Loan Debt forgiveness without the Supreme Court. He can write Executive orders for abortion. Congress could bar the SCOTUS from repealing their legislation. He can stack the court with Democrats and approve anything within the SCOTUS.

He can do it all, but he won’t.

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