gaza destoyed by israel
gaza destoyed by israel

“Maybe they just did that to themselves,” says a top Mossad leader. 

Of course, this is a play on the Ol’ “CIA finds no link between itself and crack trade” article from the New York Times in 1997. But best believe, this is 100% what Israelis believe. Check out any thread by a Zionist on any social media and you’ll find obfuscation and lies. Changing definitions, denying history, or my preference, some honest support for genocide. At least the ghouls that openly call for exterminating Palestinians are true to their beliefs. The mealy-mouthed Liberals calling the situation “complicated” agree that Palestinians should be killed. They’re just worried it makes them look bad. 

An Inconvenient Truth

Benyamin Netanyahu is a Holocaust Denier and a Genocidal White Supremacist Colonizer. Yes, the President of “The Jewish State” has claimed that Adolf Hitler got his ideas about Jewish people not from his clear fascist ideology–But from Arabs. This, in case you didn’t know, is a form of Holocaust denialism. It seeks to obfuscate the views of Hitler and attribute Nazi crimes to Arab people. There is a reason that Anti-Zionists compare Israel to Nazi Germany. And believe it or not, it has nothing to do with Jewish people and all to do with their actions as a “nation”.

Just in time for the holidays, Israeli colonizers are waving their blue and white flags as they murder more than 10,000 civilians. Over half of them are estimated to be children. In the USA, hundreds of thousands are pouring into the streets to beg Israel’s #1 fans to stop supporting the mass killing of innocent people. Recent college graduates are losing job offers for their support of Palestine. Talk about a social credit system huh?

Democrats Support Genocide

US Politicians asked to consider the value of human life stay silent, or outright support the Genocide. Biden and the US House of Representatives approved more than 14 Billion Dollars in “aid” to Israel in the past month. That’s on top of what the USA regularly sends to Israel, by the way. President Biden has stated, “No. No Possibility” of a ceasefire. Funnily enough, there’s also “No Possibility” that I will vote for him. The single politician willing to address the injustice toward Palestinians, Rashida Talib, was censured in the US House of Representatives for doing so.

It’s obvious that Democrats have not only failed to represent voters, but their smugnorance (Thanks Jimmy and Eddie) is a disgusting display of typical liberal douchebaggery. In the words of Ilhan Omar, when it comes to Israel and AIPAC “It’s all about the Benjamins”. These people want nothing more than your votes and your money. After years of fearmongering another Trump term, they have now proved to the American people that they are no better than their competitors. 

Biden has implemented deadly sanctions starving and killing thousands of Afghani people. He has abandoned Obama-era attempts to de-escalate with Cuba. Has made no significant actions to address Climate Change, Police Brutality, and even legal fucking weed has been shelved. There is nothing. The Infrastructure Bill is overshadowed by the plethora of failures. The “Build Back Better” plan is the “First Step Act” of the Biden Administration. A tiny, decent, but ultimately worthless bill that will lead to nothing.

The “High Tech Dystopia” of Israel

To make it clear, the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians has been ongoing for decades. The Nakba in 1948, where more than 700,000 Palestinians were forcibly removed from their homes and displaced, was not the end of the ethnic cleansing. It was merely the first very clear instance of it.

Since then, Israel has used its US backing to develop a true “High-Tech Dystopia” decked out with apartheid, militarization, and genocide. They even use the same fake justifications as the USA. Fighting for “women’s rights” and “LGBT rights” by indiscriminately murdering innocent children. Consider it the Middle Eastern branch of the US State Department. Considering tons of Israelis are just ex-pat Americans, it’s very fitting.

Good friends of Israel were the Nazi-supporting White South Africans. During the time of apartheid, almost all the world opposed South Africa. But not Israel. They, much like anti-Zionists today, saw the similarities very clearly. What White Afrikaaners were doing to Black South Africans was exactly what Israelis wanted for the Palestinians (except even more violent and aggressive). Many of the systems in place regarding the travel of Palestinian people were taken directly from Apartheid South Africa. In fact, since the forced end of Apartheid, many White South Africans have converted to Judaism and joined in the colonization of Palestine.

Inevitably, when I share this post and my sentiments about the Democratic Party, liberals will cry that Republicans are actually worse! And that they would genocide Palestinians even harder than the Democrats… Well, I’ll save that for my next article as I have a lot more to say about that…

Until then, Free Palestine. From the River to the Sea, the one true state of Palestine will be free of ethnic cleansing and genocide. Those who can accept the Palestinians as equals can and will stay if they choose–But let’s be real, we all know that if Zionists had to treat Palestinians as equals, they would rather leave. That’s just the nature of White Supremacy.

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