Finally, a US Representative represents the farce of American politics.

Having a lying politician in the US Congress is business as usual—So why are Republicans and Democrats threatened by the existence of George Santos? A complete fraud having no issue getting into the US Congress with little-to-no “experience” exposes a major fragility within the US Government.

A Gay, Latino, Jewish, Republican child of immigrants is a bit suspicious, to say the least. Santos’ campaign goes to show how far identity politics can take you in the modern USA. His 2022 Democratic Party opponent was Robert Zimmerman, also a gay man. It was the first US election in which both party members identified as Gay. Santos’ victory made him the first non-incumbent openly-gay Republican elected to Congress.

Since his victory, Santos has been exposed to have lied about just about every facet of his life. He’s in the headlines every week, either taking campaign money for himself or comparing himself to Rosa Parks. Democrats are happy to point and laugh while Republicans seem to be hoping he disappears.

Liberals are liars and their outrage is fake

Let’s first address the Donkey in the room. Democrat outrage and shock over George Santos is posturing. For liberals, Santos has disrespected American “Democracy”. George Santos dared to pretend to be a part of a club he’s not in.


Santos claimed to have worked for Wall Street. Oh, the horror! Lying about having an honorable and respectable job at such a prestigious company like… Goldman Sachs. The disgusting criminal bankers of Wall Street that played a role in the 2008 Financial Crisis and got off scot-free.

Some may say, “It’s about the principle, you shouldn’t lie.” and yes, Santos is certainly a liar. Lying to voters, of course, is wrong but in the context of the US Government, these arguments are weak. The US Government lies to its people constantly. The US government lies to the entire world. So what’s the difference?

During the 2020 Presidential Election, Joe Biden said that he supported universal healthcare in the form of a “Public Option”. Since his victory in November 2020, he has not said a single word about the so-called “Public Option”. Biden lied. Biden denounced Trump’s policies on the US border before the 2020 Election. When Biden was first inaugurated as President, he kept many of the Trump border policies in place. Is Biden, not a liar?

Where is immigration reform? Where is the path to citizenship for TPS and DACA recipients? It’s incredibly easy to predict the response to this. Liberals will say that lying on a resume is not the same as lying about implementing a policy that you promise while on the campaign. They’ll look immigrants dead in the eye and say that Biden is in fact doing more than anyone to help immigrants, by doing nothing.

It is not “Whataboutism” to point out hypocrisy. Democrats are not honest. They are liars. They speak politely and pretend that the USA is an honorable place with a government that truly cares for its people. That is a lie.

Liberals want people to think that George Santos is the only real liar in Congress. They want you to think this is just a hiccup in the system. Don’t worry about the state of our “Democracy”, this guy’s just crazy! The truth is that George Santos won because US Democracy is a paper tiger.

George Santos and the Paper Tiger of US Democracy

George Santos, in response to being called a liar, said that everyone lies on their resume. Studies show that this is mostly true. Clearly, there is no background check to get into Congress. That alone isn’t all that bad. George Santos is one of only a few US Representatives without a college degree. Santos did not attend a high-end prep school or an Ivy League University. He never worked on Wall Street and mostly worked in fairly average-wage sales jobs making at most around $55,000/year. George Santos is more proletarian than 95% of the US Congress.

George Santos is not a fighter for the working class. The argument being made here is not that Santos is a “good politician” merely that his dishonesty, actually makes him far more real than most others in his position. Instead of pretending to be a regular working-class American like every rich career politician in Washington—Santos pretended to be a rich person.

Instead of lying to poor working-class people like Biden and Trump, Santos lied to wealthy people. He pretended to be on the side of big money (he wants to be) and he won. He proved that all you need to do to win in the USA is be a corporate shill with no soul. While it is gross, it’s also admirable. Finally, a politician tells the truth, “I’m a liar, give me money”.

“I ran in 2020 for the same exact seat for Congress and I got away with it then,” – US Representative George Santos

Said in an interview with Piers Morgan

Santos threatens the US in a way it never considered before. By constantly lying, Santos has inadvertently revealed a huge truth about the USA. You don’t have to be honest, you just have to be rich, even better, just look rich. Nothing could poke a bigger hole in the idea of American Meritocracy than George Santos. With no evidence of any kind and a little bit of confidence, all you need to be a US politician is to tell people that you’ve worked for some of the worst companies on earth.

Republicans and George Santos

As the rumor goes, the GOP knew Santos was a liar. The Congressional Leadership Fund is a right-wing Super PAC that funds House Republicans. While pumping money into New York elections, one candidate received nothing. That candidate was George Santos. The reason why is not clear but we speculate within reason. The simplest of these, the GOP knew that his claims were bullshit.

Robert Zimmerman lost to George Santos by 8 points. With barely any funding, Santos destroyed the DNC in what was since 2013, a Democratic district. What does this say about people’s confidence in the DNC of New York? Yet another reason Santos poses a threat to Democrats, even as they laugh at him.

The greater GOP, rather than denounce or embrace Santos, stood by silently. A Gay Republican is a good look for the Anti-LGBT party, even if they despise him. What really made Santos a pariah of the Right was not his being gay or lying about his resume–It’s the pictures of him in Drag.

That’s right, Republicans can accept and embrace every terrible political position as long as you don’t dress like a woman. It’s all about the trans panic. Anti-drag rhetoric is not enough to delete these videos and photos from the internet. Unfortunately for Santos, this means his days in the GOP are numbered. The Republican Party would sooner pardon Santos for murder than for wearing a dress and make-up.

George Santos dressed in drag
Alleged Drag outfit of George Santos — Alex BrandonLAPRESSE

The GOP and LGBT-Panic

Anti-LGBT sentiment has been the crux of the Republican Party for the past few years. While many believed that Obergefell v. Hodges would end fervent anti-gay rhetoric, that prediction was wrong. It would only be a matter of time before the GOP would come back to the classics.

In 2023, the GOP is immersed in their latest version of Satanic Panic, Trans Panic, and the good ol’ “Gay people are pedophiles”. The same old ideas of the Conservatives’ past, only with a couple of twists. Today, it’s all about Drag Shows and Grooming. Gay people are recruiting your kids to be gay and hate America. Well damn, wouldn’t that be nice!

No, despite what the far-right in the USA says, gay and trans people aren’t recruiting anyone. Much like asking a teacher to call you Mike instead of Michael, a preferred pronoun is just that—a preference. The increase in self-identifying gay and trans people is simple. More people are accepting of LGBT+. So more people feel comfortable identifying as such. It’s a matter of basic logic that conservatives aren’t willing to engage with.

In the past year, GOP support for same-sex relationships plummeted. Still, they’re smart enough to know that they need to pretend. Much like Democrats, Republicans only need a veneer of respectability and fairness. Republicans, much like some in the TERF community, love LGBT people that shit on other LGBT people. There in that niche sat George Santos.


From a Marxist perspective, George Santos perfectly represents the farce of the USA’s “democracy”. He is merely a caricature of a Wall Street goon. One whose claim to fame was working for an investment bank that tanked the US economy. Not only did George Santos beat the Democrat Robert Zimmerman, but he also crushed him with almost no PAC money.

Santos will almost certainly be gone from Congress by the next election. His impact will be swept under the rug, both sides will pretend it was a fluke election and a nearly-impossible feat. George Santos will be used by lying American politicians to self-aggrandize and posture toward regular Americans. The ridiculousness of Santos’ claims will be used to dismiss any deeper societal issues that we can take as a lesson.

Both parties will ensure the American people that there is nothing to see here. Nothing is broken, nothing needs to be changed. George is just one liar in a government of honest people. Wouldn’t that be nice?

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