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The Internet, “individualism”, financial instability–The ‘Epidemic of Lonely Men’ has many alleged culprits. Men can’t get laid and it’s the duty of people like Andrew Tate to lead a generation of men. The same dudes who complain about weakling beta males are complaining about how hard men have it. Remember when instead of bitching about not getting laid men would go die in a war?

Advice on how to get a girlfriend if you’re a loser

Listen, I know what it’s like to be a lonely loser virgin, I used to be one until I wasn’t. Often people say, “Be yourself”, or “You have to love yourself before someone can love you”, or other variations of generic bullshit. That is all meaningless. The truth is if that worked you’d have a partner. You’re probably not a good person–if you are, you’re terrible at showing it. You should not be yourself. If you are a lonely loser attracted to the message of Andrew Tate, you try to be someone else. Or at least a better version of yourself. If you are a piece of shit, try being less of that.

Pedantic, sure, but the truth hurts and you can’t get women by feeling bad about not getting women. You also can’t feel entitled to someone liking you, or being attracted to you, or even acknowledging your existence. I think you should be able to approach someone and ask them out or exchange contact info at least. Unfortunately, it is the fault of creepy lonely losers that this is becoming more and more taboo. Entitled men get butthurt after rejection instead of accepting and moving forward. The real alpha move is to be a bitter little baby when a girl says no to your random catcalls.

This is basic advice, the type of stuff any Pick-Up Artist would give you. Going to the gym is good. You should better yourself. Marxists recognize that. Tate’s failure is being a scam artist, liar, and misogynist. He’s not interested in leading young men towards being confident and successful people. If his advice was just to go to the gym and stop watching porn, I wouldn’t hate him. But he is a leech. Seeking nothing but profit by shock and awe.

Andrew Tate and “The Matrix”

Blame women, liberals, “The Matrix”–Whatever you want, except Capitalism. When it comes to not being able to meet people, financial insecurity is a major factor. Dare I say, more than they/them Starbucks baristas who voted for Joe Biden… Tate attributes a downward spiral of men into degenerate behavior to “The Matrix”. A new trendy way of describing, “The Media”, or “The Elite” or yes, of course, “The Jews”. Not to say that Tate is a Nazi, but the fanbase is not far off at all. Tate is connected to Kanye West through Sneako and Adin Ross. The association is not far off.

andrew tate arrest
Male pattern balding and weak jaws are symbolic of Alpha Males – Top G Phrenology

I bring this up, again, not to suggest that Andrew Tate’s words are Nazi propaganda. Only that his content caters to the same crowd as well as people susceptible to joining that crowd. It’s a reactionary message that suggests men take their resentment with Capitalism and target it towards the poor. It encourages a false hyper-masculinity based on insecurity, not confidence. Tate sees the stress of young men attempting to get girlfriends in a world where affording a car is a luxury. Instead of countering the harmful expectations or suggesting a fundamental change–Just get rich.

Andrew Tate’s ‘solution’ is basically just “become a Capitalist”. If ya can’t beat ’em, join ’em. His spotlight has faded as of late, but his message is ame PUA advice as always, disguised under a new bald guy. Take a shower, be confident, stop being a pussy. What kind of a genius could’ve imagined that taking a shower would help attract women? These are Jordan Peterson levels of advice! Can’t believe this information is free–Oh wait, yeah never mind, he’s sold a fake class on how to be a baller too.

The Truth Behind Tate’s Bullshit

The problem here is that what Tate addresses is an issue. Social Isolation makes it harder to meet people, build relationships, and create communities. It is more difficult to meet new people to make friendships and relationships than ever. It’s harder to connect when you’re worried about paying rent. It’s harder to commit to people when social media is constantly showing new faces. Those that can ‘get’ dates, date a lot, and those that don’t, don’t ever.

Success is a house of your own, a car of your own, and a fence to guard from outsiders. Success is isolation. Yes, I love the freedom to be alone… But at what cost? We are now seeing the results of that mantra. We are now, in the 2020s living in the effects of “The End of History”. Without the Soviet Union to serve as, at least an image of Communism, Capitalists no longer had to give a fuck. Pay stopped going up, prices kept increasing, and workers’ rights got fucked. This shit seems obvious. But for a lot of non-Marxists, it’s difficult to put into words the struggles we face under Capitalism. Sometimes it’s easier to blame feminists or Beta males.

What Andrew Tate calls, “The Matrix” is Capitalism. It is the system that demeans men by valuing them not by their actual worth as people but as machines to make a profit. But Andrew Tate does not fight “The Matrix”, he is a spokesperson for it. His viral videos may seem edgy but his views are only modernized versions of the same old charlatans. Instead of selling snake oil, he sells How to Get a Lambo (with no skills, ideas, or talent). All bark, no bite–Complaining with no solution. Bitching for nothing.

Fake Criticism of Capitalism

Men are struggling to find mates. Social isolation isn’t unfamiliar. You can see it in popular media like Squid Game or that Harry Styles movie, ‘Don’t Worry Darling’. These forms of critique of capitalism fit neatly within capitalism. There are no solutions offered in these films and shows. I loved, ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once‘, but it’s undeniable that the film essentially suggests complacency to Capitalist-labor monotony. Don’t worry about fighting back, don’t try, just appreciate that you get to live. I guess I can’t blame people for doing that–But we can’t pretend that’s a criticism of Capitalism.

This content feels like it’s saying something. Squid Game addresses the desperation for wealth amongst the poor. Andrew Tate addresses social isolation for a group of lonely men. At their core, they’re talking about issues of Capitalism. And for what it’s worth, they both seem as though they’re providing solutions… To find happiness no matter the situation… to bang hot chicks in a Lamborghini… But unfortunately, these are not solutions to anything.

Corporations control every aspect of our lives. And even when the content we watch criticizes them, it’s because these companies allow it.

These forms of ‘criticism’ reinforce capitalism’s stranglehold on our lives. They are doomer-based and complacency-pilled. They serve to make you accept the dark ‘reality’ of capitalist existence instead of fighting back. I’m not interested in Doomerism. If things can’t get better, what’s the point of being alive?

The Epidemic of Lonely Women (also)

Studies show that most daters, 67% of respondents, (non-married, non-romantically involved or living with a partner, but actively looking for that either seriously or casually) say their dating lives are “Not too/Not well at all”. This is not a gender-exclusive study. Mind-blowing. Dating is generally seen as more difficult today vs. ten years ago–For both men and women, straight or not. Now, of course, that seems obvious, doesn’t it? It takes two to tango, and if you’re both socially isolated, financially struggling, nerds, how the fuck are you going to meet?

It’s more typical to see and hear about lonely men online but they aren’t the only ones. Despite what a lot of men think, being constantly preyed on by creepy men doesn’t make dating easier. There are plenty of women who are single and unable to find partners despite wanting them. The explosion of shows like “Love is Blind” and “Married at First Sight” make this even more obvious.

The social expectation of marriage and children is even higher for women than for men. This is just obvious. The right-wing in the US can’t go more than 6 months without a pundit suggesting adult men should be impregnating 16-year-olds. In the USA, women typically make less money than men (not even going to get into why right now, maybe next time). But weirdly enough, the cost of living is not lower for women.

The epidemic of lonely men is an undialectical way of describing Capitalism’s terrible effects on human society. For a long time, it was the rivalry between the USA and the USSR that fueled an increase in workers’ rights and personal freedoms. It was the fear of “Communism” that led to the USA being a viable place to live. And it’s the fall of the USSR that has brought us to this point today. The saddest fact of this is that the place where Tate was arrested for his crimes, was once actually outside of, “The Matrix”–It existed before 1989. In a system called, “Socialism”.

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