Marxism Ruins Everything (MRE) is an independent Marxist publication. Created by myself, left-wing creator, chrisrunsthis. Marxism Ruins Everything attempts to connect everyday topics to class-based Marxist analysis.

1) Write about current events from a Marxist perspective.

Not “lib left”, not “Social Democrat”, not “Democratic Socialism”. This is a Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao-based website. I am a (critical) supporter of existing socialism across the world. MRE will not publish the blatant propaganda of US-State media. I am interested in unapologetic criticism of Capitalism and its supporters.

2) To make “non-political” topics into easy-to-understand Marxist analyses.

This is how we ruin everything. By “making things political” we can have discussions about societal problems and solutions. The name Marxism Ruins Everything is satirical, a play on the idea that when you become a Marxist, you stop enjoying things.

3) Write about serious, often ignored, topics relating to Communism, Socialism, and other politics.

To be a source of reliable and trustworthy information including Marxist reasoning throughout.

4) Bring humor and levity to an otherwise depressing field of political discussion.

Left-wing politics is often riddled with doomer-style worldviews. I see Marxism as one of the few “ideologies” that allows for more realistic, and meaningful joy. Instead of being depressed about the world being fucked, Marxists can sit back and say, “HA! I was right. We’re all fucked!”

One of the issues with “edgy” humor online is the possibility that the creator is a crypto-fascist disguising their actual views as satire. Comedy, and humor, are not at fault here. More so, it’s an issue of being unable to clearly distinguish criticism from within and one from the outside. Much like “punching up” or “punching down”, being “inside” is also quite important (more in my opinion). Left-wing criticism of “the left” should come from a genuine place of wanting to improve, not simply to attack. Especially not to insult the most in-need communities of society.

5) To write from a consistent and replicable worldview based on Marxism.

If socialism is scientific, it is also replicable when repeated. Material reality is just that. Objective. MRE’s goal is to make objective, legitimate, and valuable arguments against Capitalism and its defenders. MRE is not about making the most acceptable and agreeable arguments. MRE does not exist to capitulate to liberalism. MRE is not meant to satisfy any team. MRE is, like Marxism, not about Good or Bad but what True and False. It’s about Contradiction!

6) Not to play Good Team vs. Bad Team in US Politics.

Shitty arguments make your side look bad. MRE is not here to make cheap, weak, and worthless arguments to score internet points by dunking on stupid liberals online.

MRE is not here to make unserious arguments based on fake news or half-truths. As Marxists, we know that spreading sensationalist and even provably fake news stories is anti-Marxist. Marxists should have what I will call an “Investigative Attitude” when it comes to news. Not to dismiss entirely or digest entirely without investigation. Even when it comes to a simple insult that’s against someone you don’t like…

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