rest in peace aaron bushnell

Whenever any political issue is brought up in the USA, someone will inevitably reply with some variation of “Why should I care? It has nothing to do with me” the epitome of individualistic laziness and apathy toward the world. Sure, maybe there is a genocide going on, but what am I supposed to do? It’s really far away! Or maybe there is a different issue that also exists? I only have enough brain space for one political topic at a time! I’m just a helpless little smol bean with no power to do anything except consume and shit all day like a fucking Panda in a zoo!

Not everyone will be concerned with the actions of their government. I sympathize with people who feel disconnected from politics because of their struggles. That doesn’t mean they’re right. It is an explanation but not a justification.

“Out of sight, out of mind” as U.S. Policy

The Vietnam War will always be the perfect example of this. A war that was, from even a basic liberal view, ended because of the backlash at home more than abroad. President Nixon was determined to win the 1972 election without having “lost” the Vietnam War. With all the anti-war protesters opposing Nixon and US Troops dying in droves, not trying to end the war was a death knell for any political campaign. Whether mass protests truly led to the end of the Vietnam War is debated. But one thing is clear, If a US President wants to do something, they can. And if you can get a President to fear losing an election over a single topic–They’ll do something right away.

Unfortunately for us in the 2020s, this attitude from the US Government doesn’t exist. The solution to the horrific actions of the US Government for American media is to stop reporting on it. Chris Cuomo recently confirmed on the Adam Friedland show. Cuomo recalled that when the American people began to believe that negative stories about Bush were hurting morale, viewership went down, and per Cuomo–“We stopped saying it”.

Covering bad things the US does around the world is not popular and more importantly, it’s not profitable. Why would the President give CNN or FOX News a super-profitable interview if they ask him such mean questions like “Why do you support genocide”? As Trump would say, “That’s a nasty question”.

As of Feb. 1, 2024, more than 50% of all Americans believe that Israel’s actions in Gaza had “gone too far”, up 10% from November. Approval for Biden’s overall handling of the “war” has dropped 6% since December. These numbers may not seem overwhelming, but when considering that more than 67% of Americans don’t think that Biden is mentally fit enough to even run for office again, it’s no wonder the DNC strategy of hiding Joe away without speaking is the best shot they’ve got at convincing voters. Out of sight, out of mind. If only the highest office in the United States of America had the balls to pass a decent policy, maybe his chances at re-election wouldn’t be so dogshit. 

The US Government feels as though it is not necessary to please their citizenry. They simply don’t care if something is popular with the American people–As long as it satisfies their constituents. Coincidentally, those constituents have deep pockets and direct phone numbers to the White House. The main contradiction in our society today, as always, is Capitalism. 

The lives of Palestinian people are not valuable enough to overpower the profits gained for “Defense” Contractors and the geopolitical influence the US can have over the Middle East. The “Only Democracy in the Middle East” really does hold the same values as the USA, at least insofar as not giving a fuck about blowing up children as long as “our boys” come home safe.

Dumb Celebrities and Their Stupid Opinions 

While people who support Palestinian liberation are killed, fired, and lied about. Zionists like Amy Schumer, Kid Rock, and those Stranger Things kids are paraded as Human Rights activists. Sure, they’re getting hate on Twitter, but their jobs are not at risk for supporting genocide. Their careers are not on the line for conflating innocent Palestinian children with “terrorists” who, in reality, are only attempting to defend the last shreds of land they have. 

Stupid fucks like Kid Rock proudly spew their genocidal bullshit about “Hamas” all day long. Saying it doesn’t matter if another 30,000-40,000 people are killed as long as they “Get those hostages”. Some may say this doesn’t matter. That the opinion of an old washed-up piece of shit is irrelevant to the situation in Palestine–And they’re correct. But that doesn’t mean that others don’t take him and his stupid shit seriously. I’ve talked to “regular” people who talk this way about drug dealers, saying we should just commit mass murder as a “solution”… Dare I say… “A final solution”? 

It’s not farfetched at all to compare these people to Nazis. Anyone whose policy solution to a problem is to mass murder people is not a sane political mind. Even the boogieman of the West, Josef Stalin, condemned the mass executions committed under his leadership by people like Nikolai Yezhov. Something that cannot be said of any Israeli leader in the past 70+ years. 

Kid Rock is just a single stupid voice representative of a larger brain-dead population. People whose political understanding of the world is nothing more than “Might Makes Right” and internet memes. “HURHUR Fuck around and find out LOL” dumb cunt. Ignorant “centrist” (fascist) minded people respond to genocide in the same way that your boss tells you that your hours are being cut so they don’t have to pay for your health insurance, “Sorry buddy, I’d love to help but my hands are tied” as he steps into his 2024 Porshe 911 Carrera.

People who don’t even know who Kid Rock is will watch a clip of him saying that “throughout history, the big country has always bombed their enemies!!” As if he’s making some intelligent observation instead of just splattering diarrhea into a podcast microphone. 

“Man… Did you know that other countries have done bad things before?” Holy shit you’re so fucking smart and poignant and real!!! The Woke LAME-stream media would never allow these high-intellect thoughts on their network. Thank God for the last bastion of free speech that is the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. Sure Joe “pushed back” a bit, but if you let someone shit in the sink, Febreeze doesn’t clean it.

The opinions of celebrities will not change US policy, but they do change the minds of the most vulnerable (in other words gullible) people in this country. No, they’re not all idiots, but they’re people who base their opinions on the people that they ostensibly respect. 

The “bare minimum” is condemning Israel’s current actions in Palestine. That goes for everyone, not just celebrities. Set aside a one-state or two-state solution, if someone is not even willing to look at what Israel is doing right now with the support of the USA and say that this is wrong and it should stop, the plot has been lost. 

Aaron Bushnell and Apathy of America

On February 25, 2024, Active Duty US Airman Aaron Bushnell Self-Immolated in direct protest of the United States’ support of Israel’s Genocide of Palestinians. It was the first time in US history that an active duty military member committed this type of extreme protest–And the response from the USA was unfortunately predictable. On the left, Bushnell is honored as a martyr, much like the Palestinians themselves suffering at the hands of Israel. On the right, he is demonized as a terrorist supporter or a mentally ill lunatic.

In between these two sides lies another sinister view. That of complete apathy towards genocide and vitriol for anyone who seeks to impact the world beyond selfish individualistic goals. Memes were plenty viral on Twitter by a multitude of wannabe Patrick Batemans sharing their epic owns of a man with more balls than they’ll ever have. 

This “middle” group is in large portion self-proclaimed “centrists” too. People who “don’t care either way” or simply can’t be bothered with issues they can’t entirely control on their own. This mentality is prolific among Americans today. I’ll call this the Rand-Peterson Complex. A state of brain degeneration caused by the disease of Liberal Capitalist Individualism. In simple terms, this is an illness that causes you to become a selfish douchebag under the guise of “rationality”. 

While these rational centrists complain about how the government does nothing except collect taxes–These same geniuses are saying things like, “What does this Genocide, which is supported by both US Parties and funded entirely by the USA and my tax dollars, have to do with me?”

See, it’s not that they doubt there is a genocide. Many of these people likely don’t have any argument against it (there isn’t even if they tried), the real issue is that in the USA it’s encouraged for people to think they are powerless. Whether through their ignorance of US foreign policy, lack of any hope for change, or a sociopathic view of the mass killing of innocent civilians–US politicians benefit from these feelings. Anything that disengages the masses and makes them feel impotent to change is good. Deeper than that, someone who “doesn’t care either way” is not an obstacle to any US policy. 

I don’t care = Go ahead

It’s simple as. Anyone who doesn’t loudly decry the crimes of Israel whenever the topic comes up is doing a service for Israel. Anyone who can look at the actions of Aaron Bushnell and not feel emotional over the immense suffering and death caused by the United States is not fully human.

Getting mad about people sharing memes may seem like typical sensitive libs getting triggered–But it’s far more serious when US politicians are actively introducing laws in response to Aaron Bushnell. 

Just yesterday, US Senator Tom Cotton announced two bills specifically targeting the ideological views of US service members and their ability to protest. He’s framed Aaron Bushnell as a supporter of terrorism, and not a dedicated supporter of true freedom for all. Tom Cotton knows damn well that Aaron was not supporting terrorism. He most certainly heard the words that came from Aaron’s mouth moments before he set himself on fire. What Tom Cotton is afraid of is others following his footsteps. Whether literally through self-immolation, or ideologically, simply by speaking out about US action overseas. Cotton is a crazed Zionist with more AIPAC money than sense in his brain. Another one of his recent bills seeks to have mandatory minimums for people who protest against Israel’s genocide of Palestinians. Why would these laws be necessary if they simply have no impact?

The strongest weapon these actual lunatics like Tom Cotton have is an apathetic audience. While useful idiots share memes laughing about Aaron Bushnell, actual politicians are stripping Americans right to protest before their eyes and they could not give less of a fuck. It’s actually depressing. 

And if you brought up this argument to the people posting those memes? They’d probably say they have nothing to do with it, or that they can’t do anything to change it, or, “Who cares it’s not going to pass the senate anyways”–There’s always an excuse. 

Protests do matter. It is not one single protest that will change the US position on Israel. But it is the constant and relentless agitation across the world that will. It is incumbent upon all people to stand against the United States and Israel. Those saying protests will achieve nothing have decided what side they stand on.

The sad reality is that years from now. When Palestine is free and the zionist state has been dismantled, these people will take credit for the left’s work. They’ll tell their children that they supported the cause the whole time and that they were horrified by the images they saw. They will lie in the faces of future generations, decrying the horrors only after they ignored them for years. 

Much like the right does today with Martin Luther King Jr.–Palestine will be treated like it was a clear-cut issue. In retrospect, everyone was an activist and no one ever did anything bad. There are people who years from now will use the image of Aaron Bushnell to agrandize themselves in the eyes of new, younger activists. These thoughts are disheartening, but they are not discouraging. 

I write this all to say, that the people who post these disgusting “jokes” in response to an extreme form of protest are simply baiting for a reaction. They know nothing more than their neoliberal individualist bullshit. They’re useful to the ruling class because they don’t do anything more than clap like seals at stupid shit.  

I take one last moment here to honor Aaron Bushnell for his act of protest. His understanding of Palestine was clearly very well-developed and his dedication is incomparable. That video was genuinely painful to watch and I was easily brought to tears. I genuinely hope that the people who made and continue to make callous jokes at Aaron’s expense realize what they’re doing is not a joke, but simply sick. The odds are low, but I must have hope that there is humanity in the world, if not for Aaron Bushnell, for the innocent people of Palestine who deserve to live without fear of being killed for their land. Rest in peace to Aaron Bushnell and Free Palestine from the River to the Sea. 

I am an active-duty member of the United States Air Force, and I will no longer be complicit in genocide. I am about to engage in an extreme act of protest, but compared to what people have been experiencing in Palestine at the hands of their colonizers, it’s not extreme at all. This is what our ruling class has decided will be normal.

Aaron Bushnell, Feb. 25, 2024

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